wellbeing – or maybe just Being here & now

instead of wandering throught the fogs of nowhere …


well yes, in wellbeing, there is a judgement or an expectation depending on the way you look at it, your perspective … with the add-on of « well »-  as for Being … it’s just being whatever that is

a quote I came across recently

« Love is … accepting what is

Liebe ist … das Annehmen was ist »

hey that sounds close to unconditional love, ie with no expectations, no hidden agendas …   and then maybe as it’s often also about interpersonal relation-ships, in which your own « intra-personal » relationship (with also its different beliefs, mindsets) expresses itself too … so it might be difficult to nuance with accepting what is, especially as parents, master the high art of accepting the personality / the person of the child and at the same moment questioning a behavior that might pose some difficulties in future social interactions as well as name and limit violence so it can develop into assertivness … or maybe challenges (unconscious) expectations of the parent’s own views as to what it means to be a parent to a child

As the saying goes in Systemik

« Respekt gegenüber Personen, Respektlosigkeit gegenüber Ideen. »

Well maybe this is easier in certain kinds of relationships / settings than others 😉

For the moment being (30.12.2017), maybe what I can offer is a moment of unconditional presence to my shiatsu partners (or in other type of activities) …this presence touching the heart, allowing to unfold whatever is to unfold in that moment … thus also possible the deep relaxation which speaks to the parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system. This helps to reconnect to « Selbstheilungs-kräfte »,  ie conforts the immune system so it can better balance/regulate things inside of the organism.

So for me Shiatsu and other methods, are a way of working together … where my role is often about creating a « time-space », a context which allows the partner to open up, to go with the experience and trusting his own organism’s faculties to restore what is possible at that time and also giving the chance to « make its way » meaning some relief  / change / new balancing might be impercetible, while others might show step by step

and last but nor least, that presence also cultivate for myself, offer it to myself during meditation as well as other activities