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Shiatsu for you ~ Relaxation & wellbeing

It is a pleasure to welcome you to  Shiatsu for you at my dedicated Shiatsu-space in Rodange.  I can also come to your place or your office.

I offer both Zen-Shiatsu sessions of about an hour duration, or specific relaxing Shiatsu for your hands, your shoulders, your back or your feet ( +/- 30 min).

Although shiatsu is often practiced on the floor,  it is also possibly to work in seated position i.e. at your office.

Ideally the person is wearing confortable clothes or a sports / yoga dress, which can receive the pressures on the body.

Contact Maud

I am looking forward to hear form you, to provide you further information about Shiatsu and my professional background.

Info & hours

Lu – Ve : 10:00 – 20:00
Samedi : 10:00 – 15:00


 I am looking forward to offer you a Shiatsu for you.

Ich freue mich sie für ein Shiatsu begrüssen zu dürfen.

Ech fréen mech Iech fier en Shiatsu begréissen ze kennen.

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer lors d’une séance de Shiatsu.


Contact Maud



Your contribution   

It is dear to me that me that Shiatsu for you at my place in Rodange is accessible for all adult person who wishes to open up to that experience. I ask you a contribution at your free estimation with a minimum of 25 €.

Social media connections

I would be honored, if you joined me on linked-in.


My training  in  Shiatsu

Currently, I am a student in the Iokaï Shiatsu school.

  • The Luxemburgish shiatsu federation offers the basic training in Shiatsu. Courses directed by Adela Garay.
  • web:  shiatsu.lu

Iokaï schools in the neighbouring countries:

Share your ideas, experiences ...

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