~ Shiatsu ~ (engl.)


Family Shiatsu aims to foster well-being by a more harmonious flow of vital energy (QI / KI) through the meridians and the effect of the mental and physical relaxation which can occur during a shiatsu session.

Zen Shiatsu is a holistic approach to promote balance and overall vitality of the person. Shiatsu is practiced as a body art by manual pressure on the clothed body. It may also include mobilizations and stretching.

Although based on the millennial knowledge of traditional Chinese philosophy and acupuncture, shiatsu is not using needles.

The videos hereafter will provide an idea about working with Shiatsu.

Shiatsu is practiced most often on a futon or a yoga/gym mat or any other suitable ground. It is also possible to work with a seated person.

A shiatsu session does not replace a medical examination if required.



The videos, which have been made and shared by other persons, in french and in german, may give you an idea about different ways to work during a Shiatsu session.

Une séance de shiatsu par Edith Anahory – Cadiot

Video en français : 



Shiatsu Grundlagen und Praxis  par Brigitte Ladwig

Video in Deutsch

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